Filming location for spaghetti westerns in Almería, Spain

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Building façade in Cannes, France

My Journal of the 1997 Seattle International Film Festival…
Seattle, Washington USA, May 15 through June 8

Total number of festival programs seen during the film festival: 88

Total number of coffee/espresso beverages consumed: 50

My personal festival top ten list

Summary of short films

Jumping the gun (April in Dublin, Ireland)
Un Heros Tres Discret (A Self Made Hero)
Twin Town

Friday, May 16
Riding the Rails
Shall We Dansu? (Shall We Dance?)

Saturday, May 17
Forgotten Silver
Paul Monette: The Brink of Summer’s End – Highest “likability rating” from 171 full-series pass holders
Un Samedi Sur la Terre (A Saturday on Earth)
The Van
Love God

Sunday, May 18
Secret Festival
Guwak Tsai Sam Tsi Jeksau Jetin (Young and Dangerous III)
Pedale Douce (What a Drag!)

Monday, May 19
Hard Core Logo
Captain Conan

Tuesday, May 20
Sechinku (Three Friends)
Bob’s Weekend
Brassed Off

Wednesday, May 21
Entre Marx y una Mujer Desnuda (Between Marx and Naked Woman)
Hustruer III (Wives III)

Thursday, May 22
Colin Fitz
Tian Mimi (Comrades: Almost a Love Story) – Winner of Golden Space Needle for Best Picture

Friday, May 23
The Full Monty – Favorite film of 36 out of 171 full-series pass holders
Alive & Kicking
The Big Heat

Saturday, May 24
Lepa Sela Lepo Gore (Pretty Village, Pretty Flame)
Childhood’s End
Irma Vep
La Teta y la Luna (The Tit and the Moon)
Gonin II

Sunday, May 25
Secret Festival
Rough Magic
Box of Moonlight
To Viemme tou Odyssea (Ulysses’ Gaze)

Monday, May 26
Sant Ar Livet (Such is Life)
Star Maps
Mouhim Wong (Dr. Wai in “The Scripture with No Words”)
The Delta

Tuesday, May 27
Das Superweib (The Super Wife)
Extasis (Ecstasy)

Wednesday, May 28
Jenseits der Stille (Beyond Silence)
He Liu (The River)
Yume No Ginga (Labyrinth of Dreams)

Thursday, May 29
De Jurk (The Dress)
Tainoi Mattam Linlingfat (Forbidden City Cop)

Friday, May 30
It’s in the Water
The Myth of Fingerprints
Timothy Leary’s Dead

Saturday, May 31
Nitrato d’Argento (Nitrate Base)
Black Circle Boys
Eye of God – Winner of American Independent Jury Award
Different for Girls
Franchesca Page

Sunday, June 1
Secret Festival
The Disappearance of Finbar
Nagisa No Sindbad (Like Grains of Sand)
Ocean Tribe

Monday, June 2
East Side Story
Love Serenade

Tuesday, June 3
A Gun, A Car, a Blonde
Tierra (Earth)

Wednesday, June 4
Tieta do Agreste (Tieta)
Never Met Picasso
Witman Fiuk (The Witman Boys)
A Bit of Scarlet
Klavim Lo Novhim Be’yaroq (Dogs Are Colour Blind)

Thursday, June 5
Tranvia a la Malvarosa (Tramway to Malvarosa)
Pousse Cafe
Nothing Sacred
Dream with the Fishes

Friday, June 6
Eight Days a Week
Jilao sishi (A Queer Story)
Ordet (The Word)
Breaking Up
Loved – Golden Space Needle to Robin Wright-Penn for Best Actress

Saturday, June 7
Somewhere in the City
Best of Erotic Tales II

Sunday, June 8
Secret Festival
Defying Gravity
Mrs. Brown

Better late than never (post-festival viewings of festival films)
Addicted to Love
Children of the Revolution
The Pillow Book
La Promesse

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