Filming location for spaghetti westerns in Almería, Spain

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Scott Larson

Building façade in Cannes, France

Hi, there…

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Hi. I’m Scott and I see a fair number of movies. I’ve actually written up a paragraph on every movie I’ve seen since around the middle of 1995. Maybe these will help you decide what you want to see the next time you go to the cinema or the video rental store. Or maybe they’ll just tick you off because I didn’t like something you did or did like something you didn’t.

I don’t see every movie and I don’t always see them first, although sometimes I do. (And, frankly, some of the films I see you have probably never heard and never will because I am one of those weird people who goes to film festivals whenever they can.) But as soon as I’ve seen it, then I write about it. And my aim is to give you a different angle than your friends or the regular critics give you. If you’re wondering whether you should see a film, then I hope my comments help you decide. If you have already seen the film, then I hope my comments make you see it in a different way than before. And, if you have no chance or no intention of seeing the film, then I hope I leave you with at least a feeling of what it was like. In all cases, I hope you are least entertained by my humble thoughts.

If you have comments or feedback, just let me know! My email address is