Filming location for spaghetti westerns in Almería, Spain

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Building façade in Cannes, France

My Journal of the 1996 Seattle International Film Festival…
Seattle, Washington USA, May 16 through June 9

Total number of festival programs seen during the film festival: 88

My personal festival top ten list

Jumping the gun (April in Dublin, Ireland)
TrainspottingBest Film and Best Director (Danny Boyle)

Friday, May 17
Anatomy of Desire / Jim Loves Jack: The James Egan Story
Paris Was a Woman
Le Hussard sur le Toit (The Horseman on the Roof)
Lie huo zhan che (Full Throttle)

Saturday, May 18
Pasolini: un Delitto Italiano (Who Killed Pasolini?)
Manneken Pis
Lust Och Fagring Stor (All Things Fair)
Angel Baby
The Reggae Movie

Sunday, May 19
Secret Festival
Plein Soleil (Purple Noon)
Live Bait

Monday, May 20
Dead Man
The Best of British Shorts

Tuesday, May 21
Sin Remitente (No Sender) (No Return Address)
Die Mediocren
Nothing to Lose

Wednesday, May 22
Losing Chase
Nar alla Vet (Sebastian)

Thursday, May 23
Ein Fast Perfekter Seitensprung (An Almost Perfect Affair)
Jonas y la Bellena Rosada (Jonah and the Pink Whale)
Boca a Boca (Mouth to Mouth)

Friday, May 24
Shaonu Xiao-Yu (Siao Yu)
Zahrada (The Garden)
Small Faces
Back to Back

Saturday, May 25
Majiang (Mahjong)
Politically Incorrect Cartoondaze 1
Mecaniques Celestes (Celestial Clockwork)
Nervous Energy
Switchblade Sisters

Sunday, May 26
Secret Festival
Tokyo Nagaremono (Tokyo Drifter)
L’Amore Molesto
Synthetic Pleasures

Monday, May 27
Belly Talkers
Politically Incorrect Cartoondaze 2
Hong Meigui, Bai Meigui (Red Rose, White Rose)
Boys’ Night Out

Tuesday, May 28
Etz Hadomin Tafus (Under the Domim Tree)
Stadtgesprach (Talk of the Town)
Joint Adventure

Wednesday, May 29
Jenipapo (The Interview)
The Innocent Sleep

Thursday, May 30
Le Jardin oublié: La vie et l’oeuvre d’Alice Guy-Blaché (The Lost Garden)
Late Bloomers
Notes from Underground

Friday, May 31
Aiqing Wansui (Vive l’Amour)
Shadow of the Pepper Tree
I Shot Andy WarholBest Actress (Lili Taylor)
Who Killed Teddy Bear?

Saturday, June 1
My Friend Joe
Paradise Lost: The Child Murders at Robin Hood Hills
Welcome to the Dollhouse
La Pasion Turca (Turkish Passion)
Scorpion Spring

Sunday, June 2
Secret Festival
L’Anno Prossimo… Vado a Letto alle Dieci (Next Year… We’ll Go to Bed by Ten)
Walking and Talking
A Koldum Klaka (Cold Fever)Best Actress (Lili Taylor)

Monday, June 3
Troublesome Creek: A Midwestern
Tár úr steini (Tears of Stone)
The Young Poisoner’s Handbook

Tuesday, June 4
A Leap of Faith
The Boy from Mercury

Wednesday, June 5
The Leopard Son
Clara Hakdosha (Saint Clara)

Thursday, June 6
Zusje (Little Sister)New Directors Jury Award (Robert Jan Westdijk)
Moll Flanders
Lone Star – Favorite film of 43 out of 78 full series pass holders

Friday, June 7
Girls TownBest Actress (Lili Taylor)
The Big Squeeze
The War at Home
Gamera: Daikaiju Kuchu Kessen (Gamera: The Guardian of the Universe)

Saturday, June 8
The Whole Wide WorldBest Actor (Vicent D’Onofrio); American Independent Jury Award (Dan Ireland)
Le Confessional (The Confessional)
Stealing Beauty
Hype!Best Documentary

Sunday, June 9
Secret Festival
The Trigger Effect
Secret Festival

Better late than never (post-festival viewings of festival films)
Other Voices, Other Rooms

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