Filming location for spaghetti westerns in Almería, Spain

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Building façade in Cannes, France

My All-too-brief Journal of the 2000 Seattle International Film Festival…
Seattle, Washington USA, May 18 through June 11

Jumping the gun (festival films seen prior to the festival)
The Case of Majella McGinty (short)
Jesus’ Son

Wednesday 24 May
Strange Planet
Life Tastes Good

Thursday 25 May
Ressources humaines (Human Resources) – New Directors Showcase Award Special Jury Prize for Laurent Cantent
Absolute Giganten (Gigantic)

Saturday 27 May
A la medianoche y media (At Midnight and a Half)

Sunday 28 May
Le Temps retrouve (Time Regained)

Monday 29 May
What’s Cookin’

Tuesday 30 May
The Woman Chaser

Friday 2 June
Archival screening of How the West Was Won

Sunday 11 June
My own personal Closing Night Gala: The Missus presented us with a gorgeous (half-)Irish colleen. Life is good.

My Commentaries

25 May 2000: My 15-year springtime love affair with sitting in the dark [The best fest]
1 June 2000: Why it’s okay if Frasier and Niles want to go the film festival [Can SIFF survive being cool?]
8 June 2000: From the home office in Seattle, Washington… [Excuses, excuses]

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