Filming location for spaghetti westerns in Almería, Spain

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Scott Larson

Building façade in Cannes, France

My Journal of the 2010 Galway Film Fleadh…
Galway, Ireland, July 6 through 11

Jumping the queue (festival films seen and critiqued prior to the festival)
American Beauty (Annette Bening tribute)
Billy Elliot (Stephen Daldry tribute)
The Hours (Stephen Daldry tribute)
The Pianist (Ronald Harwood tribute)
Please Give
Le Scaphandre et le papillon (The Diving Bell and the Butterfly) (Ronald Harwood tribute)
The Straight Story (Five Aspects of Love sidebar)

Tuesday 6 July
Donne-moi la main (Give Me Your Hand)

Wednesday 7 July
To Have and Have Not
Being Julia (Annette Bening and Ronald Harwood tributes)
Kaméleon (Chameleon)
Na Cloigne
Leonard Cohen: Live at the Isle of Wight 1970

Thursday 8 July
Un prophète (A Prophet)
Io sono l’amore (I Am Love)
Contracorriente (Undertow)Audience Award for Best First Feature
Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work

Friday 9 July
The Red Shoes
In Dreams
SnapAudience Award for Second Best Irish Feature
All Good Children

Saturday 10 July
Men Who Swim
The Parting (short)
The Runway (world premiere) – Audience Award for Best Irish Feature
El secreto de sus ojos (The Secret in Their Eyes)

Sunday 11 July
Babettes gæstebud (Babette’s Feast) (Five Aspects of Love sidebar)
Public Interview with Brendan Gleeson
The Kids Are All Right (Annette Bening tribute)
New York, I Love You

Johnny come lately (festival films seen and critiqued after the festival)
Toy Story 3

My Commentaries

8 July 2010: Sometimes I come out of a film fleadh screening dripping with passion and excitement—and sometimes I go into a screening merely dripping [All quiet on the western fleadh]
15 July 2010: For the record, French forests mean sibling conflict, whereas Irish woods mean all kinds of supernatural mayhem [Wedded to film]

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