Filming location for spaghetti westerns in Almería, Spain

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Scott Larson

Building façade in Cannes, France

My Journal of the 2006 Jameson Dublin International Film Festival…
Dublin, Ireland, February 17 through 26

Films prévus (festival films seen prior to the festival)
The Dying Gaul
Paradise Now
The Proposition
Short Order

Monday 20 February
C.S.A.: The Confederate States of America
Mémoires affectives

Tuesday 21 February
Befreite Zone (Liberated Zone)
The Civilization of Maxwell Bright
The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada

Films après-vus (festival films seen after the festival)

My Commentary

2 March 2006: I suppose it could have been worse; Dublin could have been hosting a World Trade Organization meeting [In Dublin’s fair city]

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