Filming location for spaghetti westerns in Almería, Spain

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Scott Larson

Building façade in Cannes, France

My Journal of the 2004 Dublin International Film Festival…
Dublin, Ireland, February 12 through 22

Been there, done that (festival films seen prior to the festival)
Los Amantes del Circulo Polar (The Lovers of the Arctic Circle)
Capturing the Friedmans
Cowboys and Angels
The Honeymooners
Les Invasions barbares (The Barbarian Invasions)
It’s All About Love
Tierra (Earth)
Wu jian dao (Infernal Affairs)

Tuesday 17 February
The Dreamers

Wednesday 18 February
The Fog of War
The Missing

Thursday 19 February
Lucía y el sexo (Sex and Lucia)

Better late than never (festival films seen after the festival)
Grand Theft Parsons
The Halo Effect
Shattered Glass

My Commentaries

19 February 2004: As I was huffing and puffing down O’Connell Street, I could almost imagine that the big huge spire that they erected in the middle of the street was the Eiffel Tower [What’s afoot in Dublin]
26 February 2004: Despite a dizzying trend for things to happen early and be sped up, as far as I know, Lent still began on Ash Wednesday and will last for forty days and forty nights [Time warped]

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