Filming location for spaghetti westerns in Almería, Spain

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Scott Larson

Building façade in Cannes, France

My Journal of the 2004 Cork Film Festival…
Cork, Ireland, October 10 through 17

Jumping the queue (festival films seen and reviewed prior to the festival)
The Butterfly Collector (short)
Clare Sa Spier (short)
Full Circle (short)
Ivor the Insomniac (short)
Olive (short)
Il Postino (The Postman)

Monday 11 October
Grannsamverkan (Neighbourhood Watch) (short)
Ying Xiong (Hero)

Tuesday 12 October
Triple agent
Exposure (short)
Melinda and Melinda

Wednesday 13 October
Kaosu (Chaos)
End of the Century: The Story of the Ramones

Thursday 14 October
Maria Full of Grace
A Home at the End of the World
The Halo Effect

Friday 15 October
Riding Giants
The Manchurian Candidate
Eating Out

Saturday 16 October
Ekkremes (Pendulum) (short)
Finding Neverland
Cut (short)
Coffee and Cigarettes

Sunday 17 October
The Big Red One
Tying the Knot
Fluent Dysphasia (short)
Comme une image (Look at Me)

Better late than never (post-festival viewings of festival films)
Six Shooter (short)

My Commentaries

14 October 2004: It’s year No. 49 for the Cork Film Festival, but the festival organizers couldn’t have known that they were arranging a tribute to a major movie figure who will be remembered as much or more for his humanity as for his films [A super festival and a Superman (1952-2004)]
21 October 2004: And if you really want to mess up your mind, just try watching a Bush-Kerry debate on television with runny, blurry eyes in the middle of the night, just after having watched a documentary about the Ramones [Captive in Cork]

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