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Building façade in Cannes, France

Joining the cult

One of the side effects of living outside my own country (full time for 12 years now) is that I find I forget about things like Thanksgiving. So happy Thanksgiving! Unless you are not celebrating it this week, in which case forget I said anything. Unless you are Canadian, in which case I am sorry I am late with my Thanksgiving greetings.

A couple of other items, while I am at it…

If you get bored perusing this web site for film reviews, for a change of pace you can hop over to my book blog, where I have just uploaded a post in which I sort of review a couple of books. Hmmm, now there’s an interesting idea for a webpage: Scott’s Book Reviews. Anyway, here is the link, in case it was too hard to find on the main page of this web site:

While you’re there, feel free to click on the various links to (shameless commercial plug!!) buy paper or digital copies of Maximilian and Carlotta Are Dead. They make great holiday gifts.

Speaking of book blogs, one of the most interesting and inventive is The Cult of Me by Michael Brooks. You may well recall that, in a blog “shout out” exchange I published a post from him in October. Well, now it’s my turn to be featured on his blog. You can read my post at:

The Cult of Me

Still waiting for that aspiring indie filmmaker to get in touch about adapting Maximilian and Carlotta Are Dead into a buzz-making indie showcase project featuring some hot new young actors and which will dazzle critics and audiences at Sundance. Just saying…

-S.L., 26 November 2014

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