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Pablo’s premiere

Remember my review of a film called A Public Ransom and my interview with the filmmaker Pablo D’Stair?

Well, the movie has been selected to compete in the Third Viewster Online Film Festival. This is great news for Pablo because it is recognition of the quality of his film. But it is also good news for you because it means you can see the movie online during the festival, which runs from today through September 25.

As the festival website notes, “With over 500 films, #VOFF 3 is all about genre films with all the entries completely free to watch on This edition brings forth the most fantastical realms, the spookiest creatures and the craziest demented minds.”

We in the general public get to participate by voting on our favorite entries and helping to select the finalists for the jury to decide who the winner will be.

The jury includes producer Ted Hope; Finnish director Timo Vuorensola (Iron Sky); actor Udo Kier, who has more than 200 films to his credit; and German actor Nora Tschirner. The winners will be announced on October 5 at the Raindance Film Festival in London.

You can see Pablo’s film A Public Ransom by clicking on this link here.

Do yourself a favor and watch the movie, about which one prominent critic (okay, it was me) wrote, “The movie follows the fortunes of a somewhat sleazy writer who gets drawn into another writer’s mind games by a child’s crayon-drawn poster. It’s a nifty idea that is elaborated compellingly.”

-S.L., 11 September 2014

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