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Rock, paper, epub

This post will be as short as it is shameless.

I am shouting from the rooftops (well, keyboarding furiously) that my novel Maximilian and Carlotta Are Dead is finally available as a paperback book. You can get all the details and links for where to find it on my book blog.

When the book came out in Amazon’s Kindle Store in June, I was gratified by how many people actually went and purchased, borrowed and maybe even stole it. But a surprising number of people told me rather nonchalantly, thanks but they would wait for the paper version. And this was well before I had even decided for sure that there would even be a paper version. Well, now there is paper version, and it can be found at Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

By mostly accident the debut of the paperback happens to coincide with the book also becoming available in epub format. I originally decided to kick off the book by participating in Amazon’s program for new Kindle books, which precluded me from selling it on other digital platforms. Well, that’s run its course, and the book can now be downloaded from Barnes and Noble’s NOOK Store, Google Play and Kobo Books. And, of course, it continues to be available from Amazon’s Kindle Store.

So now I’m just waiting to get my own copies of the paperback so that I can start sending them out to any promising young indie filmmakers looking to make their big break with a little road movie and coming-of-age tale. If that’s you, get in touch so we can discuss my great casting ideas.

-S.L., 10 September 2014

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