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Let’s kick start this new year

Here’s wishing you a slightly belated New Year. (I’m not even going to get into Christmas, but I hope you had a good one of those too.)

If I had a way of traveling through time, I could go back into the recent past and wish you holiday greetings in a manner that would be more, well, timely. But I don’t.

By the way, if you don’t happen to know much about time travel, then this is your lucky day because I can helpfully point you to my personal list of essential time travel movies. And, as it happens, with a bit of luck and support, there may be yet another worthy addition to the list of great time travel movies.

It turns out that the son-in-law of my old friend Don (yes, the same Don who I was with when Anthony Perkins gave me that really creepy look), a filmmaker by the name of Jordan Montreuil, is making a time travel movie. It is called Möebius, and the tagline is “a short film about the perils of time travel.” And it looks really good. You can hear Jordan himself talk about it by watching this:

Well, I’m sold. I’ll have to go to his Kickstarter page and give him some money right now. You can do the same by clicking here: Link to Jordan’s Kickstarter page

But hurry since, as of this writing, you have only a bit more than a week to do it.

From Jordan’s description and his choice of title, it sounds as though there will be some interesting time-travel conundrums and events twisting back in on top of themselves. Or, in the precise technical jargon of Doctor Who, all that timey-wimey stuff.

As it happens, one of my favorite all-time movies is also called Moebius (although without the umlaut), which I saw at the 1997 Seattle International Film Festival. It wasn’t about time travel (I don’t think anyway), but it was a stunner. It was a film school class project from Argentina, and I have never forgotten it. If the prospective new Möebius film can be anywhere near as good, then it will definitely be worth the price of admission.

So click the link above and give Jordan a dollar or more and make it happen. Heck, if you pledge 500 dollars or more, he’ll even give you the actual time machine! If you ask nicely, maybe he will even deliver it to you when you were a child.

-S.L., 7 January 2014

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