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The write stuff

This is really more of a housekeeping note than a column.

One of my New Year’s resolutions was to do more writing. Perhaps counter-intuitively, this means that I will be producing fewer columns. I am going to start posting these musing monthly instead of weekly. The idea is that I will use the extra time to share more of my wisdom during this U.S. election year on my political blog and, more importantly, maybe make more progress on one or two of those books I’ve got started.

Don’t worry (as if anybody would), I’m not about to go completely silent on the movie front in the run-up to the long-awaited release of the new Dark Shadows movie. I reserve the right to post more than once a month if the need and/or desire so strikes me (or less often, for that matter). And I will continue to post mini-reviews of movies I see.

And no, this has nothing to do with the protest against the proposed Stop Online Piracy Act in the United States (most visibly by Wikipedia and others), although I do think that the law as currently envisioned is badly conceived.

A silver lining to this pullback is that it makes me easier to ignore the Golden Globes this year. As if I would give the Hollywood Foreign Press Association any added credence by taking those awards seriously. Even if it was only to mention that I’m glad that they brought Ricky Gervais back. I mean, it puts the lie to the notion last year that somehow everyone was so scandalized and offended by Gervais’s scathing brand of humor. His pricking of Hollywood egos is just the necessary antidote to all of the self-congratulatory puffery that goes on in these events. (I’m talking about you, George Clooney.) Heck, I can’t even disagree with most of the winners that were selected. I mean, if I was going to write about the Golden Globes, which I’m not.

Anyway, I apologize to anyone who was living week to week for the commentaries. They will still be here, just not as often. As always, the best way to be alerted to any new content on this web site is to subscribe to the RSS feed.

See you in this space sometime during the first week of February.

-S.L., 18 January 2012

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