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Pop quiz

For the past four years, around this time, I have published my predictions for the coming year. This year I thought I would try something different. To test your knowledge of some of the movies that were released during 2004, here is a pop quiz. See how many of the answers you can get!

  • Thanks to the filmmaker’s courage and deep-felt convictions, this movie got made in spite of the odds and, in fact, the controversy around its subject matter helped propel it to success at the box office. America and, indeed, the world was divided over it, but it was one the most influential films of the year. What was its title?

    1) The Passion of the Christ
    2) Fahrenheit 9/11
    3) Starsky & Hutch

  • Ostensibly a romantic comedy, this strange movie about love and memory loss showed movie audiences a somewhat different side to a familiar comedic performer, who played the romantic lead. Its seaside locations added to the film’s sense of people adrift in the world. What movie was it?

    A) 50 First Dates
    B) Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
    C) Starsky & Hutch

  • A show business biography, this movie gave us a look at the life of one of the most interesting personalities in the world of music during the 20th century. Even more than the movie itself, the music on the soundtrack made this a pleasure to watch and to listen to. Which film was it?

    I) De-Lovely
    II) Beyond the Sea
    III) Starsky & Hutch

  • A rip-roaring adventure with a hero you couldn’t help but root for, this action flick relied as much on character development as suspense and stunt work. A sequel to an equally good movie, is there any doubt that we will see a third installment as well? What is the name of the movie?

    a) Spider-Man 2
    b) The Bourne Supremacy
    c) Starsky & Hutch

  • The hero of this supernatural extravaganza, along with his two friends, takes on an evil adversary who will test his considerable powers. Along the way, he will have to confront every manner of monster and creature and, in the process, learn something about himself and his own mysterious origins. What flick is it?

    i) Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
    ii) Van Helsing
    iii) Starsky & Hutch

  • Transporting us back to another time and the world of the English stage, this delightful film, based loosely on real events, introduces us to a man of immense talent, who is struggling to find his voice and his art. Some of the most moving scenes are in the play-within-the-movie in the final reel. What is the film?

    Un) Finding Neverland
    Deux) Stage Beauty
    Trois) Starsky & Hutch

  • This big-budget summer extravaganza was clearly a disappointment. It may have been directed by a German, but the movie was pure Hollywood corn. At least there was a pair of very attractive young lovers in the mix to give us something pleasurable to look at. What was this movie’s name?

    Uno) The Day After Tomorrow
    Dos) Troy
    Tres) Starsky & Hutch

  • This remake of a Frank Sinatra movie from four decades ago was probably unnecessary. The filmmaker did find some interesting ways to update the story but, in the end, the story was nearly not worthy of the first-rate, well-known cast. There were a few moments of suspense, but we pretty much always knew how it was going to turn out. What was the title of this remake?

    Eins) The Manchurian Candidate
    Zwei) Ocean’s Twelve
    Drei) Starsky & Hutch

  • Is this merely a big-screen adaptation of an old TV series or is it a wonderfully realized adventure/satire of two mismatched friends off on yet another adventure? You be the judge. And what movie could it be?

    One) Thunderbirds
    Two) Shrek 2
    Three) Starsky & Hutch

    So, how did you do? If you think you got them all right, just email the answers to me for a chance at the grand prize. The first ten entries received, with all the answers correct, will be awarded a complimentary lifetime exclusion from my spam mailing list. Good luck!

    And Happy New Year!

    -S.L., 30 December 2004

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