Filming location for spaghetti westerns in Almería, Spain

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Building façade in Cannes, France

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The Latest Commentary: One brought extraterrestrials vividly to life, one was from Mexico, and one both played an extraterrestrial and saved a village of Mexicans

My personal ranking of films released in the year 2016 (that I have seen and reviewed so far)

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The Ten Latest Feature Film Reviews…

On the last day of school Michael Ryan receives a letter from a Secret Admirer who he desperately hopes will turn out to be the object of his desire, Deborah Anne Fimple

Jeanne, searching for her younger brother in a Mediterrean seaport, and Stéphane, recovering from a coma, are both naïfs or, as the French would call them, Les Innocents

By the time he has sorted out a blackmail problem for General Sternwood, private detective Philip Marlowe will have seen a number of victims go to sleep The Big Sleep

In a strange and isolated house, newly engaged couple Brad and Janet meet many unusual people, including The mad scientist Dr. Frank-N-Furter and his creation Rocky Horror, who sing and dance as if in a Picture Show

In 1962 at the Beverly Hills Hotel a younger French filmmaker spends several days interviewing an older English one for posterity, resulting in a seminal book on cinema called Hitchcock/Truffaut

Unable to work after a heart attack, a carpenter becomes so frustrated by the healthcare bureaucracy that he responds by spray painting a message on its building that begins I, Daniel Blake

Brought to a remote farmhouse called Wuthering Heights on the moors of Yorkshire, a homeless child named Heathcliff forms an intense relationship with young Catherine Earnshaw

Portland convenience store proprietor Walt’s amorous pursuit of a teenage Mexican street kid leads to more than one bad night or, as Johnny and his friends would say, Mala Noche

The impending arrival of Bridget Jones’s Baby requires her to work out whether it is American Jack Qwant or former love Mark Darcy who is the father

Former aspiring actors allege that pervasive pedophilia among managers of juvenile talent is An Open Secret in Hollywood

The Three Latest Short Film Reviews…

Sonya and her boyfriend Joe would like to be rid of her obnoxious uncle, but The Trouble with Uncle Max is that he may not be that easy to get rid of

In the dark of night a family does its best to hold on to hope as war rages around them, leaving them in a state not unlike purgatory or, as it is called in their language, Araf

At her wits’ end over her husband Nathan’s drinking, Hannah stages an intervention, but instead of Nathan’s best friend Gary, she inadvertently invites Gary from Accounting

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13 May 2004: With references to Seattle, coffee, Star Trek as well as a comedic sensibility borrowed from the great Jack Benny, how could I not love to watch Frasier?

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Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie: Now on DVD in the US

Flashback to 1984: Tom Schiller’s Nothing Lasts Forever

Flashback to 1996: Michael Bay’s The Rock

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