Filming location for spaghetti westerns in Almería, Spain

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Building façade in Cannes, France

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The Latest Commentary: For once (or maybe thrice), I am going to suggest that you stop spending so much time watching movies and, instead, enjoy reading a good book (which may include film references)

My personal ranking of films released in the year 2017 (that I have seen and reviewed so far)

The Ten Latest Feature Film Reviews…

Aging gigolo Máximo’s only hope of meeting the rich older woman of his dreams is to quickly teach his ten-year-old nephew Hugo How to Be a Latin Lover

A new order of law and justice is thrown into doubt when King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table at Camelot become divided over the behavior of Queen Guenevere and Sir Lancelot

At the request of his god-daughter, washed-up poet and critic Ted Wallace, a man who indulges in long baths (not unlike The Hippopotamus), visits Swafford Hall to investigate certain alleged miraculous occurrences

Decades after the TV series Mindhorn was canceled, police on the Isle of Man reruit its star, Richard Thorncroft, to help catch a deluded criminal, who believes the fictional detective is real

When a radio broadcast in 1938 causes widespread panic, the brave and not so Brave New Jersey residents of Lullaby react in surprising and sometimes life-changing ways

The Trip to Italy taken by Steve and Rob includes much beautiful scenery, fabulous food and wine, good-natured slagging, and an endless stream of celebrity impersonations

Even the acquisition of Wuthering Heights from his detested foster brother Hindley Earnshaw does not give Heathcliff the revenge or the love that he passionately craves

In search of a cure in the Himalayas after devastating hand injuries have ended his career as a surgeon, Doctor Strange goes on a journey leading him to become a master of the mystical arts

As the East German regime crumbles in 1989, MI6 agent Lorraine Broughton, an Atomic Blonde if ever there was one, is sent to Berlin to retrieve a crucial list of Soviet field agents, which includes the name of a mole in western intelligence

After a youngster called Baby brazenly steals criminal boss Doc’s car, Doc makes Baby Driver for his gang’s armed robberies until the debt is eventually paid

The Three Latest Short Film Reviews…

Fifty miles south of the Mexico’s border with Arizona, a Coyote named Ramón relentlessly pursues a desperate young woman named Esperanza

The story of conscientious supermarket employee Terry Kendall and Orange Green, the strange man who stalks her, takes a disturbing turn

New York accountant John Porter becomes increasingly unnerved by The Watchers whose eyes seem to follow him everywhere he goes

Commentary Flashback…

27 January 2005: What more can you say about the cultural power and influence of a man who could make an entire nation watch Tiny Tim and Miss Vicky get married?

Selected Past Reviews…

Flashback to 1986: Bigas Luna’s Angustia (Anguish)

Flashback to 1996: Mariano Barroso’s Extasis (Ecstasy)

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My Inbox: 8th annual Silicon Valley Film Festival 2017 – Inviting movies for submission

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