Filming location for spaghetti westerns in Almería, Spain

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Building façade in Cannes, France

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The Latest Commentary: One was the best FBI forensic agent to hit the Tri-State area, one was the consummate thespian with plenty of franchise/fanboy cred, and one was, well, she

For the 22nd(!) year in a row, here are my completely unbiased (not really)—and uninformed (really)—predictions for the 2017 Academy Awards

My personal ranking of films released in the year 2016 (that I have seen and reviewed so far)

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The Ten Latest Feature Film Reviews…

Despite a contentious start, struggling jazz pianist Sebastian and aspiring actor Mia find love in the La La Land that is Los Angeles, California

In a large old house in Santa Barbara in 1979, fifteen-year-old Jamie is surrounded by 20th Century Women of various ages, most notably his mother Dorothea

Lama Norbu travels from Bhutan to Seattle so that he might read the book Little Buddha to Dean and Lisa Conrad’s son Jesse and explain that the nine-year-old may be the reincarnation of the late Lama Dorje

He has a car and she has missed her train so, after dropping their children off at a Deauville boarding school, A Man and a Woman share a lift back to Paris

Forbidden by a judge’s ruling to live in their home state of Virginia, Richard and Mildred Loving enlist the ACLU to challenge the anti-miscegenation law that made their marriage illegal

The Arrival of extraterrestrial vessels at a dozen locations around the world prompts the U.S. government to recruit the services of eminent linguist Louise Banks

Traumatic memories of a horrific event he witnessed as a child prevent Oliver Madly from accepting who he is, making him something of Closet Monster

Father of six Ben Cash is forced to leave his Captain Fantastic existence in the Pacific Northwest wilderness when he learns that his hospitalized wife Leslie has died

Affectionately called Soft Lad by his best friend Stacey, young David is torn between dance school and the married man with whom he is carrying on an illicit affair

In possession of a personal journal dropped at her feet on a train, April Flowers with curiosity over its writer and the connection she comes to feel for him

The Three Latest Short Film Reviews…

In dreams late at night a woman is terrorized in her never-ending dreams by a clown/demon/murderer that bears the name Defarious

Recognizing a woman on a park bench previously unknown to him, a man wonders if she and he could be the The Deja Vuers from his dream

On his birthday a man’s search for enlightenment and beauty leads him to a vision of a woman called Kinnari

Commentary Flashback…

22 July 2004: A lot of people complain that Michael Moore is not fair in his films, but it is a reasonable question to ask whether people like me are being fair in criticizing him

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Flashback to 1985: Axel Corti’s Santa Fe

Flashback to 1996: John Herzfeld’s 2 days in the Valley

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My Inbox: Science-based drama PAINLESS to hold World Premiere at Cinequest

Alphabetical Index of My Personal Eulogies

My List of Personal Eyewitness Accounts of Public Interviews of Various Movie People

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