Filming location for spaghetti westerns in Almería, Spain

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Building façade in Cannes, France

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The Latest Commentary: A nervous accountant, an eccentric chocolate factory owner, a washed-up gunslinger, the grandson of a mad scientist—you know who I’m talking about

My personal ranking of films released in the year 2016 (that I have seen so far)

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The Ten Latest Feature Film Reviews…

When an Identity Thief in Florida throws his life into turmoil, corporate accountant Sandy Patterson decides that his only course of action is to take matters into his own hands

In Paris in 1789 the attitude of the Coupé brothers is essentially Start the Revolution Without Me, that is until they get drawn into an elaborate plot involving a pair of Corsican brothers identical to them

Besieged by the Blazing Saddles of thugs working for a greedy and corrupt politician, the townsfolk of Rock Ridge put all their hope in the soon-to-arrive new sheriff

Science Fiction writers Martin, Annabelle, Tristan, Joey and Nate discuss at length the ins and outs and nuances and paradoxes of their chosen genre

In the 1930s young Bobby Dorfman’s ambitions lead him from The Bronx to Hollywood to the Café Society of the New York nightclub scene

Three years after the death of his beloved wife Isabella, is Frank Parillo really moving on with his life or is he experiencing a Delusion?

Two of Jackie Treehorn’s goons show up at the apartment of Jeffrey Lebowski (aka The Dude) looking for debt money, not realizing they really want The Big Lebowski, a millionaire with a free-spending trophy wife

A marquee on a Sacramento store reading All Things Must Pass marks the finale of The Rise and Fall of Tower Records, a music institution of the late 20th century

Still mourning their father, Francis, Peter and Jack Whitman attempt to bond and achieve spiritual enlightment by sharing a journey through India on The Darjeeling Limited

Teenage special ops agent 83 longs to leave her life as an assassin and become an ordinary high school student whose skills are Barely Lethal

The Three Latest Short Film Reviews…

David Eller, The Convict being sought after a prison escape, is focused intently on getting to a specific place

Tom and George seem to be drifting apart, but Tom’s perpsective may change after seeing a vision that brings home the Transience of life

Cam teases his fellow office worker Tim about the attention he receives from a secret admirer, but little do they suspect that the sender is consumed with ideas of extremely Dark Romance

Commentary Flashback…

4 March 2004: I know that it is tempting to just sit around and groove on the fact that Return of the King got all those awards, but there’s no time for that! You should get to the Irish Reels right away!

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Beauty and the Beast: 25th anniversary Blu-ray now out in the US

The Commitments: 25th anniversary Blu-ray now out in the UK

The Young Offenders: Still playing in in the UK and Ireland

Flashback to 1982: Steven Lisberger’s Tron

Flashback to 1996: Cameron Crowe’s Jerry Maguire

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