Filming location for spaghetti westerns in Almería, Spain

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Building façade in Cannes, France

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The Latest Commentary: It served thousands looking a better life in America—and a film cast and crew making a nostalgic visit home

My personal ranking of films released in the year 2017 (that I have seen and reviewed so far)

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The Ten Latest Feature Film Reviews…

One having been away to the Crusades for twenty years and the other having retired to an abbey, Robin and Marian reunite in Sherwood Forest in the autumn of their lives

A famous Hollywood movie star finds that a royal marriage is not so different from committing to a film role when she becomes Princess Grace of Monaco

Two (2) decades after Mark Renton absconded with his friends’ ill-gotten money, none of them have managed to escape a habit that makes no more sense than the idle hobby of Trainspotting

A mother/daughter Ecuadorian holiday turns into a test of survival when Linda and Emily Middleton are Snatched and held for ransom by Colombian kidnappers

Writer Dalton Trumbo eventually outlasts the Hollywood blacklist by using fronts to keep his own name off his award-winning screenplays

In an essay titled Handsome Devil, sixteen-year-old Ned recounts his most painfully regrettable act, which betrayed his only friend at a rugby-mad boarding school

Sent away under a dark cloud as a child from her backwater Australian town, The Dressmaker Tilly Dunnage returns to repair her relationship with her mother and to settle old scores

Two brothers, ages 8 and 6, are determined to produce and market their own comic book title starring a hero called M.r Pickpocket

In July in Paris When It Sizzles, Hollywood writer Richard Benson attempts to finish a screenplay for producer Alexander Meyerheim with the game assistance of typist Gabrielle Simpson

In the course of an interview with a journalist at Hyannisport, Massachusetts, Jackie Kennedy relives her husband’s assassination, his funeral and the aftermath

The Three Latest Short Film Reviews…

Doing his best to take comfort from or find meaning in his Bible and his religion, William in his own way confronts what it means To Be Alone

After an extended period away from the dating scene, Jack attempts to get back in by visiting his local Undatement Center

Having offered to take on young comedian Billy, a hard-edged talent agent explains to him how he subjects those who cross him to what he calls Psychic Murder

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11 November 2004: One sang and danced and tangled with J.R. Ewing; the other bit and got bitten and tangled with Barnabas Collins

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Moonlight: Now on DVD in the UK

Flashback to 1985: Lawrence Kasdan’s Silverado

Flashback to 1996: Peter Duncan’s Children of the Revolution

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My Inbox: 49th Directors’ Fortnight: our sponsors’ prizes

Alphabetical Index of My Personal Eulogies

My List of Personal Eyewitness Accounts of Public Interviews of Various Movie People

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